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One Green Acre

Welcome to Green Are Living. We invite you to register today and to share your insights and knowledge with other like minded people who are passionate about producing and eating the best farm produce available.

At Green Acre Living we know we can be the change we want to see in our world.

Join those that know it is the small scale family farmers that truly care about the land, our soils, water systems and our magnificent culinary biodiversity through their sustainable food systems. By respecting and preserving our heritage vegetable and livestock varieties, small scale and back yard farmers around the world are  protecting our environment and our future by producing good, clean and fair food.

We may think of ourselves as being small in the face of large scale commercial mono-crop agriculture and plastic wrapped food retailers and maybe on our own we are small? Small farms, small markets, small food communities, but there are a lot of us.

By standing together and doing just one “small” thing, an organic vegetable garden, an allocation of land to permaculture, start a kitchen garden, establish and support local food communities, care for just one green acre, collectively we can restore the natural systems of our planet to where they should be. It’s all about collaboration with intention.

By registering to Green Acre Living you can meet up with like minded people through these pages. Together we can create groups of friends and like minded people to share tips, anecdotes and photos. We can participate in forums to share knowledge with emerging farmers or maybe learn something from those that have already walked a little further down our path.

We are working to provide the members of Green Acre living a way to connect through these pages. Members can post their stories, promote their work, share knowledge and link up with others with shared interests in their communities or from around the world. Ultimately we envisage Green Acre Living to become the  connection and knowledge resource for everyone that is passionate about sustainable food produced on family farms that is good, clean and fair.

More and more people are beginning to understand that food and food systems are the very foundation of anything we hope to achieve.

Register now, and become a part of that change we want for our world.

After all, if we don’t eat first we can’t expect to achieve anything.

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In the face of general environemntal degradation, at a time when our food systems are under increasing pressure to be sustainable, our mission is to provide a place for everyone to share their views as we search for solutions. Your contribution will help to protect our independence and  to insure all the voices of our global food community can be heard.

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